Special sightseeing tours

Special sightseeing tours

As we start our daily sightseeing tour round Odessa, we hope to discover something new. Odessa has never let us down! We always make new discoveries in old courtyards, sophisticated curls on the walls of two hundred-year-old palaces, extraordinary Odessa slang statements and open-hearted emotions of citizens and guests of the Southern Palmire.

Take a chance to discover and explore the unique Odessa. You can rest assured it is not just an exciting city, but an entire planet full of incredible surprises! We are keen on history of Odessa and shifting in time and space, so we offer an adventurous journey through centuries.

Welcome to our lovely city of Odessa! We are ready to tell you something you have never heard before and show you more than you could imagine. We will create the unforgettable experience for you! Let’s get started!

Most popular city tours

(for you to order)

From Duke to Manhole
(City Tour)

Once upon a time in Odessa
(Criminal Odessa Tour)

20,000 Leagues Under the Ground
(Deep dive into Odessa’s catacombs)

Our Jewish Good Luck
(Odessa Jewish Heritage)

The Splendors and Miseries of Odessa
(Contrasts of Odessa)

Home, sweet home
(Odessa Courtyard Tour)

Unusual Events in Odessa

We developed a unique catalog of thematic event concepts with true Odessa color for you. Everything is possible – to collect one program from the catalog, several of them or to create something new especially for your request.