Tour to Vilkovo

at 7.00 am, Return at 9 pm


Tour to Vilkovo

Discover Vilkovo – the Ukrainian Venice. Take a tour to the most southern point of the Odessa region. The village is situated on water and is known to be the most beautiful place in the mouth of the Danube.

Walk through the river channels (yeriks) and the Danube by boat till the cheek of Danube called Zero Kilometer. Have a traditional Ukrainian lunch on the island with fish soup, barbecue and Vilkovo wine “Novak”. Reed marshes with pelicans and herons. Old Believers` Church of Lipovans. Strawberry and fish markets in Vilkovo.

Personal experience speaks much louder than words, so we invite you to see it with your own eyes!

Possible languages of city tour: English, Russian, Ukrainian


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  1. Здорово, здорово, здорово!!! Суперское место. Захотелось остаться там на долго. Ну, хотя бы на несколько дней. Вдали от всей этой городской суеты…

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