Vine tours around Odessa

Thanks to Odessa being placed in some special latitude, vinery is a piece of cake for locals. It so great, that we highly recommend you to try.

“Trying” here is an obvious variable. It can easily be visiting big factories with manufacturing and giant cellars. Wine chateaus, just same as good as Bordeaux’ and Toscana’s ones. Or maybe, you prefer small local vine farms with their unique tastes and atmosphere? Surely, it depends on you – and our program will be based on your preferences: time, money, distance etc. The only thing we cannot change is a quality of vine – it is always perfect!


Here they are, the main wineries of the Odessa region

And for most of them we organize a trip, and even accompanied by our super-intelligent guide who will tell you about the peculiarities of the Odessa wine region on the way. We can make a route with a visit to several wineries per day or recommend this winery as part of the tour in combination with other attractions.

Center of wine culture “Shabo”

Located in the old Swiss colony Shabo (Belgorod-Dniester district, Odessa region).

What will surprise you there? First of all – the old “Royal Cellar”, created more than 200 years ago; ancient sherry cellar; giant underground storage located at a depth of five and nine meters under the ground. Rhen – an unusual labyrinth museum with mysterious ancient myths. Three is a cinema in which you will see a fascinating story about the settlement of Shabo and its founder Louis Tardan, a Swiss winemaker.

The cognitive part is the majestic Cognac yard with oak barrels for aging noble cognac spirits; unique Champagne house for the production of high-quality champagne by the classical method; Modern Shop cold spill.

And, of course, the long-awaited happy ending excursions – familiarity with the products of TM “Shabo” in the crystal tasting room, which is located at the “minus fifth” level underground among the barrels.

  • The distance to Shabo is about 90 km.
  • Excursion and tasting time – 2.5 hours. (It is possible to organize it with a visit to Belgorod-Dniester fortress or a nearby cheese factory).
  • Price – depending on wine samples.
  • You can order a tour to Belgorod and Shabo.

Cognac factory “Shustov”

This is a country’s oldest cognac production. And also the most ambitious of its kind – during the alcohol-smoking season, they smoke up to 3 million deciliters of brandy wine materials. In short, it is 2 thousand decaliters of absolute alcohol per day.

In addition to quantity, here you will easily be amazed at the quality. They will start at the beautiful museum and finish at the tasting of vintage cognacs.

  • The distance to the Museum – it is located in Odessa on Moldavanka.
  • Excursion and tasting time – about 2 hours.
  • Book a tour

Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking Tairova

The Tairov Institute is the oldest research institution in Ukraine that studies grapes and wine. Just do not think that visiting the institute is a tedious event. There the building is a monument of architecture. Basements – cellars of the monument of architecture. Cellar Content – A Unique Wine Collection!

Excursion at the institute, a visit to the museum and basements, the story of the secrets of winemaking and all in one bottle.

  • The distance to the institute from the center of Odessa is about 25 km.
  • Excursion and tasting time – 2 hours.
  • Price – depending on wine samples.

Winery “Kolonist”

The winery was founded in 2005, but this brand is already well known to restaurateurs, and sommeliers, and wine lovers. For wine, Ivan Plachkov uses only grapes grown on the south-western slopes of the most fresh-water lake in Ukraine – Yalpug. Therefore, you not only get to the unique vineyards and the magnificent winery, but also find yourself in a beautiful natural reserve. Production “Kolonist” is not large – 140 thousand bottles per year. The more valuable each sample.

Here they hold tasting tours, excursions in vineyards, wine-making shops and cellars. In addition, you can eat a dinner of exclusive Bulgarian dishes. And of course, to buy in the company store “Kolonist”.

  • The distance is about 3 hours drive.
  • The time of tasting, tours and recreation – from morning to evening.
  • A visit to the winery is included in the tour “Danube Eagles and Buffaloes”

Wine cellar “VINARIA”

In the old cellar of the Izmail dungeons there is an elite conceptual wine establishment. Under the magical story of the hostess, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the aristocracy of wine. For tasting, exclusively classical dry wines of own production of Western European grape varieties are offered (white – aligote, traminer, pinot gris, reds – cabernet, merlot, pinot noir).

A good addition is local cheeses, pickles and meats.

Bolgrad winery

Here wine is made from its own grapes. Each year, from 5 to 6 thousand tons of grapes are harvested on the plant’s lands during the season. Bolgrad plant implements a full cycle – from growing grapes to the production and bottling of wines and brandy. Especially here they are proud of their dry white “Aligote” and “Ice wine” – Riesling grapes are harvested for him on a frosty morning in early December. In November, a festival of young wine is held in Bolgrad. Considering that Bolgrad itself, the capital of the Bessarabian Bulgarians, is almost on the border with Moldova, there you will be able to experience the charm of various national cultures of the Danube region and the south of Ukraine.

  • Distance – about 3.5 hours (city of Bolgrad).
  • Tasting time is about 2.5 hours.

Mekhana “Balkan Istiya”

While going to Bolgrad we highly reccomend to visit Mekhana. “Yastia” is a festive meal. This farm specializes in the production of meat products according to unique Balkan and Bessarabian recipes. And they use only locally produced spices. And you yourself can take part in the production, and then you will try everything that you’ve made, and of course with a glass of good local wine.

Винодельня «Don Alejandro Winery»

Рассказывать про Дона Алехандро бессмысленно. Надо ехать к нему в дом, слушать его и пробовать вино. Его можно назвать «конструктором вина». Собственные виноградники, тончайшее понимание виноградной лозы и любовь к своему делу, создаёт настоящие, эксклюзивные винные шедевры.

  • Расстояние – около 1 часа езды.
  • Время экскурсии и дегустации – около 2 часов.

ТМ “Grande Vallée”

Grande Vallée is a young but very good wine trademark of Ukraine. Their fad – dry ordinary, seasoned and champagne. This wine can be easily found in stores across the country, but it is much more interesting to go to the winery, and see everything there and try it on the spot.

  • The distance is about 1 hour drive.
  • Tour and tasting time – about 2 hours ..

Private winery Mariana Shevchenko

His wine Marjan calls – Honest. We would call it Delicious, but this word will not convey the bouquet of taste that you experience while drinking a glass. To make an impression, we should say that it was in the cellars of Marian Shevchenko that the President signed a decree, after which the winemakers “began to breathe easier”.

  • The distance is about 1.5 hours drive.
  • Tasting time – about 1.5 hours

When choosing a wine tour from Odessa, we recommend not to choose more than two farms in one day. Our managers will quickly create a route for you, according to your request and organize a trip.

Experiences can be ordered only individually for your company. Calculation of cost on request.