Tour Orlovka village and eco-park “Kartal”

at 7.00 am, Return at 9 pm


Moldavian village is situated just on one of Danubian banks, that allows you to see Rumanian mountains just on other side of river. Nearly on the villages backyard lie three enormous lakes Kagul, Kurguluy and Yalpuh, which is, by the way, the biggest lake in Ukraine. Perfect place for eco-park, isn’t it? Of course, it is! This place’s flora and fauna are so reach, that you can fill three Wikipedias with it. For instance, 25000 birds.

But the main aim of visitors are of course, little cute water-buffalos – 1 tone of friendship and kindness. They are always free to hug, photo or even a ride!

After 2 hours of close touch with wild and domestic nature we will have a traditional dinner with local products and cuisine. To be kind, I’ve eaten on all of Ears’ continents, except Antarctica, but I don’t know nothing as tasty as the food of Orlovka.

And what can be a tour to the Bessarabian region without visiting the winery. In Ukraine, there is one place where the love of wine, your business and your land literally “merged into one glass” is the winery “Kolonist”. It is there that they make the best elite wine of Bessarabia. And if you want to understand the soul of wine and understand the soul of winemakers, then it is necessary to go to Plachkov.


  • Eco-park – 1,5-2 hours
  • Eco-dinner – 1,5-2 Hours
  • Road to “Kolonist”
  • Eco-excursion and eco-degustation in “Kolonist”
  • “Kolonist”-Odessa

This tour is possible both for one day and as part of a tour to Izmail «Izmayil – the key of Danube» (ссылка) 


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