Tour around German villages

8-9 hours


Bus tour around old German villages with our “German” guide Stanislav Galinovsky.

While you are in Odessa, you can really feel like if you were at the center of the universe. You don’t require a long journey to get to Munich or Strasburg – it’s all here, close enough to go by bus at morning and be back until down.

From the beginning of 19. century in Odessa’s surroundings there are many German villages, each of them renown by their names, richness, architecture and history. Did you know, that st. Mary’s Church in Limanske village is a smaller copy of St. Mary’s Church in Austria? That one of the last fights of civil war was in village Kandel, that we’ll visit? Or that the most famous Sigmund Freud’s patients Sergei Pankejeff lived in Vasilevka village, close to Odessa?

You certainly didn’t.

So don’t miss your chance to have a trip around unique and different centers of German life in Odessa.

P.S. Special bonus: near-water picnic.


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