Excursion-trip “Following in the footsteps of chumaks”

This is a unique page in the history of authentic stages of the settlement of Odessa and our southern steppes. The most interesting thing is that every place, story and location of this adventure will be real, genuine and with a 250-year-old history. So let’s go for  Kuyalnitskaya salt along the Milky way. Let’s learn more about Ukrainian history of Odessa together!

Our city is built of shell rock, which was extracted by Ukrainian Cossacks here. Therefore, we offer you to visit the catacombs of the 18th century – the places of ancient stone mines. Interestingly, nowadays, in the 21st century, the descendants of those Cossacks still live in that caves.

Following the route of the legendary reed tram, we will visit the Cossack cemetery on the Khadzhybey road, where the stone-cut Cossack crosses of the 18th century are still preserved. We will cross the steppe and the estuary – 500 years ago this route used to be called the Milky Way. Along that road the Chumaks carried salt by owses throughout Ukraine.

On the way to the “Museum of Cossacks” we will learn a lot of new facts about Cossack history and Cossack life. And the focus will be on dressing up in Cossack outfits.

We will end our journey with a hospitable reception and a delicious dinner in the Ukrainian ethno-cottage “Kozatska Rodina” in village called Marinovka. Just from the gates we will plunge into a sincere, unforced atmosphere of goodness, comfort and bright Ukrainian ethnicity. We can assure that you will enjoy staying there and will leave that place with a smile full of pleasure and happiness on the face.

In the program – a meeting-dining with a home-made vodka “Irinovka”, finger sandwiches with  pork fat and cucumber, a small excursion round the old grandmother’s ethno-cottage, a generous home lunch, Ukrainian songs, dressing up and taking photos in Ukrainian traditional costumes, workshops of weaving motanka dolls and a cup of herbal tea for a good return road.

Possible languages of excursion: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Route (planned)

The beginning of our journey
10:30-11:00 Telling a story about Cossack history in the “Museum of Cossacks”.
11:00-12:20 Driving along the route of the legendary reed tram. Visiting the Cossack cemetery and catacomb houses.
12:20-12:50 Passage through stepps of the estuary to Ilyinka.
12:50-13:40 The Kuyalnitsky estuary (photographing, collecting salt)
Existing stone mines.
14:00 Arrive at the ethno-cottage Marinovka.
14:00-17:00 Meeting, dining, lunch, dressing up, different workshops, singing.
17:00-18:00 Return journey


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