Tour around Moldova`s winery

at 9.00 am, Return at 5:30 pm


Wine, wine, wine. Odessas suburbs are famed for its winery. But don`t forget that near the city, much closer, than Frances, Italys and Chilis lies one more wine country, with it’s own tastes, smells and sights, named Moldova.

And so, we offer you our wine tour, absolutely new and extremely close.

First step – Odessa-Purcari

If you think that riding a bus and looking around is boring, we offer you the best kind of radio we can – our guide. After many years of tortures he promised that you will be exited.

Purcari is a place with its own wine history and traditions. A piece of Provence lost between picturesque villages of Moldova. Here we have excursion and degustation.

But we still think that it is not enough. Thats why the next wine place well visit is completely different.

Second step – Purcari-EtCetera

Do you know, what happens, when somebody dreams and makes his dream real? Family winery EtCetera happens. In order to feel all the “familyness” we offer you to take part in cooking of the local traditional dish “placinda”. Of course, it wont be a park walk. To cook a real placinda youll have to pick up some cooking skills. Your friends and family will certainly be impressed. If you arent a cooker at all, dont walk away! Here we also have degustation. Such a dream, isn`t it?

And then, leaving a dream, youll have a chance to take its part away. Red, white or sparkling one.

9:00-11:00 Odessa-Purcari ride, in-bus excursion
11:00-12:30 Purcari excursion and degustation
12:30-13:00 Purcari-EtCetera ride
13:00-15:30 EtCetera (excursion, degustation, placinda master-class)
15:30-17:30 EtCetera-Odessa ride


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