Animated excursions

Every excursion could be made with animation elements –
a kind of little theater scenes through the excursion.

Агентство Тудой Сюдой

On the literature excursion you can walk with Pushkin personally, on the “criminal” one – with some sort of criminals from the old Odessa, in catacombs – with WWII soviet guerilla or a group of contrabandists. And also you can “suddenly” have a meeting with a sharker or a card cheater, a gang of the greatest Mishka Yaponchik, and so on, and so on…

Size of group:

From 3 to 300

Animated excursion is available only by individual order for a group of guests

Our most popular and beloved by tourists animations:

A glass of champagne with Alexander Pushkin

YOU will recall the wondrous moment:
When HE appeared before your sight
As though a brief and fleeting omen,
Pure phantom in enchanting light.

Well, neither a phantom nor a true one, but an exact copy of the XXI century’s Alexander Pushkin.
And the rest is lyrics…

…And now, my heart, with fascination,
Beats rapidly and finds revived
Devout faith and inspiration,
And tender tears and love and life…

Поэтические буриме в компании Александра Сергеевича Пушкина
Идем во внутрь Оперного театра

Excursion to the Opera House

Opera diva will tell us about why the first order of De Richelieu was the creation of the Theater!

Meet Uncle Zhora,

a famous Odessa’s card-shark, who looks like a junky, but is as smart as a Harvard ’s graduate. Watch his fingers acting as fast as Copperfield’s! He takes rings off little fingers without being noticed! Try to beat him! We’ll return your rings anyway!

Шулер с Молдаванки
Уличные музыканты

Street musicians “Bindyuzhniki”

will meet you in one of the old courtyards, and entertain you with special Jewish urban legends, and sing Odessa local folklore songs.

Museum-catacomb of the XIX century.

As part of the tour, we’ll descend to one of the oldest catacombs of Odessa! It is located in the heart of the city and the access has become possible only this year.

Реальная катакомба XIX века

We can “revive” with animation almost any popular city tour.

And of course our fantasy is so limitless, and the knowledge of history is so deep that we can come up with any kind of animation in Odessa, if necessary, and the monuments are revitalized, so that the Langeron spoke to you personally!

Such meetings can happen “accidentally” on the legendary Privoz, in the walls of the Opera House, in the Tolstoy Palace or on the doorstep of the Vorontsov Palace, on the Teshchin Bridge or in the underground casino …

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Experiences can be ordered only for your company. Calculation of cost on request.