Before you start thinking about us badly, we will warn you now: it`s time for us to brag!

So, what is “Tudoy-Sudoy”? It`s a name of our agency. And it is also a phrase, which is used in Odessa to explain a route.

Is it clear with name? Ok.

Now let`s talk about the thing we are the best at. We are professionals at walking around Odessa and Ukraine, alone and with you. It is not just a work but a lifestyle.

Each of people working at “Tudoy-Sudoy” love their city and their country, and we share this love with you by using out awesome experience in this domain.

There are no misters and missis “Look-on-the-right” “Look-on-the-left” in our company. Each of them is a hilarious expert with a perfect language.

Our managers are that great, that only Mahatma Gandhi and Princess Diana could be better on this office.

Our partners are great people, checked and reliable.

Our drivers are hot and gallant men with a perfect body and manners. And, they know how to drive a bus.

People who have written this text can be unreliable or dishonest.

So here is it.

Now you know who we are. We know, it is hard to work with such a good guys, but it really worth trying!

Sincerely yours,