Art-dinner in one of Odessa’s legendary courtyards

A dreamlike diner in local traditions is waiting for you!

Imagine an enormous table full of local dishes with scary names and unbelievable tastes: forshmak, tsa-tsa, gefilte fish, eggplant caviar, roasted bychky and glos’ka… Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? (I know it doesn’t, but it’s really good, I swear). Of course you’ll get some drinks (with normal names). And some authentical music, so you can dance when you get your drinks. And don’t think you’ll be alone – some open citizens will also join you and guide you in your deep dive in local culture.

History tip

In time, when Odessa was built, there wasn’t actual material for building – except the one we have under our feet. So when the government gave people a place to build something, they had usually created a square-like courtyards by taking a stone from the center of square and building on its sides. Every courtyard had become a unique cell of city life with its own small community. This way, cell by cell, a living organism of Odessa was formed.


  • A dinner with animation
  • An ending of a tour or a quest
  • A part of animated excursion or tour

There also exist set-out, banquet or cocktail variations.

Group size:

10 to 80 people.



Experiences can be ordered only for your company. Calculation of cost on request.