Kyiv, Odessa and suburbs

The program of a 7 day tour to Ukraine

We meet you at the railway station (airport). Kiev.


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Secret Kiev city tour (3 hours)

During Secret Kyiv Tour we will found the places which people would never notice in their everyday busy life. Hidden streets, non-standard views, attractive sights. You will be shown secret courtyards, forgotten monuments, ravens or unexpected animals for the big city :).

If you do not like standard tours, then this one is just for you. You will not be shown cathedrals, churches, big squares or central street. Instead, this tour reveals some hidden Kyiv sights, which usually can hardly be found by tourists.


Lunch in local restaurant (additional fare) (1.5 hours)

Kiev Pechersk Monastery with Microminiature Museum (3.5 hours)

Kiev Pechersk Monastery with Microminiature Museum, the park near the Museum of History of Ukraine in Second World War.

The second UNESCO site is impressive Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, also known as the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is a complex of monasteries established in 11th century. Golden domes of the main church will not leave you indifferent and enigmatic caves will give an opportunity to see deep into the mystery of old Kyiv Rus spirit.

Day trip to Chornobyl

Welcome you to visit some of the most exciting places in the world – Chernobyl zone.

You will make a stop at reactor cooling passages. If the weather is good, you may be lucky to see huge catfishes, witnesses of the Chernobyl tragedy. You may bring some bread to feed them. Reactor #4 is 1 of 7 spookiest buildings around the world. You will be able to take pictures of the ghost town, abandoned hotels, school, Ferris wheel, swimming pool, playground, etc.

Boat trip

Take a boat and enjoy Dnipro river trip! Admire magnificent view on Kyiv’s hills and Kyiv-Pechersk Monastery!


Lunch in local restaurant (additional fare) (1.5 hours)

Kraft beer tour (3 hours)

This Kiev Walking Beer Tour is for the real craft beer lovers. Try the best Kiev craft beer and at the same time, discover the history of the city and the beer industry.

There are many different ways to get to know a new city. The most common is the traditional city tour – which is a good idea if you want to get to know the basic information about a new place. But if you want to know more about the culture in a short period of time and to really ‘feel’ the city, then the best way is to drink local beverages with the locals. Thus on this tour, you will experience a walking craft beer tour of Kiev.
The walking tour will have you exploring the craft beer scene of downtown Kiev sampling some of the finest beers in ‘Beer City’ and learning about the history of Ukrainian beer culture. This tour will have you visiting 4 different places and tasting 5 or more samples of Ukrainian craft beer. You will be guided by a knowledgeable tour guide providing you with not only a history of beer, but of the city as well.

The mission of this tour will be to connect people to the love of craft beer, the city of Kiev and to each other. Whether you are a local or just visiting, you’ll see the delicious brew this lovely city has to offer. So let it beer and ‘bud’mo’ or cheers in Ukrainian.

Moving to Odessa (night on a train or plane)

We meet you at the railway station (airport)


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«From Duke to Manhole» (City Tour)

From Duke to ManholeOne tour around Odessa takes 2 hours of life. This is arithmetic. And one unusual tour of Odessa adds a year of life. This is a proven fact!

In just two magical hours you will see Arcadia and the French Boulevard; Marine station and Quarantine area; two plants of champagne wines and three theaters; two Arnautsky streets and three monuments to De Ribas; our famous Odessa film studio. And this is only while we are travelling by bus…

And then we will stroll along the streets for another hour to see more closely and even touch Vorontsovsky and Shah’s palaces; a house with one wall; Duke de Richelieu monument and a monument to Catherine the Great with her favorites; the Potemkin Stairs and many other interesting sights so you won’t get bored, we can promise you that.

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Fast check-in at the hotel


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“And so I lived then in Odessa...” (Odessa Literature Tour)

There is no street or lane on the map of old Odessa that would not be associated with the name of one of the classics of world literature and we will proudly mention nearly each of them: A. Pushkin, N. Gogol, A. Ostrovsky, V. Korolenko, I. Bunin, A. Kuprin, A. Mickiewicz, M. Twain, Sholom-Aleichem, I. Babel, A. Akhmatova, V. Kataev, I. Ilf, E. Petrov. Of course it’s far from all the famous poets and writers, for whom Odessa was a favorite place for recreation and inspiration.

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Tour to Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress

Tour to Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress Tour to Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress and to Wine Culture Center “Shabo”. First, passing by the sea and the estuary, we will visit Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi, the city, where a very beautiful medieval fortress Akkerman is situated.

There you can easily feel the spirit of this place which once used to be a Greek colony of Tyra (dates back to the 6th century BC).

Probably none of the cities in the world changed its name so often. The Romans called it Alba Iulia, the Polovtsi and the Kumans – Ak-Lib, the Ants – Turis, the Genoese and Venetians – Mont-Castro or Mavro-Castro, the Moldavians – Chetatia-albe, the Turks – Ak-Kerman, the Hungarians – Farievar, and the local Slavic tribes – tivertsy and ulichi, called it the White City. You must see this …

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The second and pleasant part of this tour is visiting Wine Culture Center “Shabo” where you can leisurely taste dozen of wines and cognacs. Traditionally (for our tours), processes of obtaining pleasure and intellectual enrichment are compatible. To be short – “Let’s drink a little bit in a pleasant and smart company”. During the excursion to Wine Culture Center “Shabo” you will find out some interesting facts about technologies of producing high quality drinks, visit the cellars and workshops, and of course – a degustation of 9-10 samples of the best beverages.


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“Once upon a time in Odessa” (Criminal Odessa Tour)

“Once upon a time in Odessa” (Criminal Odessa Tour)“All contraband goods are made in Odessa on Malaya Arnautskaya Street”, – once said a famous character Ostap Bender. And yes, he was right! You will visit famous Moldovanka and Privoz. You will see the houses of a local policeman Gotzman and a bandit Mishka Yaponchik (also known as Mikhail Vinnytsky and Benya Creek); stroll down the streets where a thief Sonya “Golden hand”used to sashay around. Don’t be surprised if someone’s watching you from the windows of buildings during the tour…

We’re looking forward to telling you everything about the sensational scams and robberies, the wit and charm of Odessa crimes, the places associated with the beloved movies, and many stories of the criminal past of our city…

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«20,000 Leagues Under the Ground» (Catacombs Tour)

«20,000 Leagues Under the Ground» (Catacombs Tour)This is such a tour that you won’t go on anywhere else! Only in Odessa (well, also in Rome and Paris) there is such a unique attraction. The Odessa catacombs stretched their gloomy corridors for 2,5 thousand kilometers.
This excursion can be justly called immersion into mystery. You may wonder what is there so special that you have not seen yet? There’s only one reply! Everything!

  • The underground bunker of the Cold War era with a 4th degree of protection and 1200 person capacity.
  • The cemetery of petrified animals with the average age of 3.5 million years.
  • The underground lakes with new species of small creatures unknown to modern biology.
  • The chance to try on working in quarries with the 19th century tools.
  • The real secret hideouts of Moldavanka’s raiders.
  • The permanent dislocation post of the most secret partisan detachment of Odessa, which perished exactly in this area of the catacombs

Believe it or not, but we didn’t list everything.

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EXCURSION-TRIP “following in the footsteps of chumaks”

This is a unique page in the history of authentic stages of the settlement of Odessa and our southern steppes. The most interesting thing is that every place, story and location of this adventure will be real, genuine and with a 250-year-old history. So let’s go for  Kuyalnitskaya salt along the Milky way. Let’s learn more about Ukrainian history of Odessa together!

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Ремарка: под ваш запрос мы можем изменить комплектацию тура, город прилета и отлета. Прайс мы быстро составим под ваш выбор.

Odessa is not exactly a city, it is a smile of God!

The cost of the tour depends solely on your preferences in restaurants, hotels and transfer. When you consider all the details with our manager, he will immediately inform you about the final price.

Included in price:

  • nutrition (breakfast and lunch);
  • bus service according to the program, transfer: meeting at the station, transfer to the station;
  • excursions according to the program;
  • entrance tickets to museums;
  • tour guide and guide services.


  • train tickets;
  • public transport expenses (if necessary);
  • additional payment for an early meeting at the station (until 08:00 am);
  • additional payment for dinners (from 60 UAH per person);
  • insurance (optional).

*Note: the firm reserves the right to modify the program without changing the volume of services provided. In case of late or non-attendance of tourists, the company reserves the right to change the sequence of the program without changing the volume of services provided. The duration of its individual elements may change on the eve of departure and in the course of the tour. Elements of the program that depend on the weather and climate conditions and services and organizations outside the control of the organizer (road, local administration, etc.) can be excluded from the program, based on the actual situation on the route.The program of the tour can be adjusted in accordance with the preferences of the group.

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