Tours to the sea 5 day

Program of a five-day tour to the sea in Odessa

Meeting of tourists at the railway station.

We care about your luggage!

«From Duke to Manhole» (City Tour)

You will see almost everything and at once – about 85% of the city.

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Check-in at the hotel

Shower, air conditioning, city view and soft bed – is all for FREE! You just pay only for the room 🙂

Hello, Sea! It’s a chillout time

Don’t forget your maximum-strength suntan lotion!

Free time


Seaside, sun and the sea

Boiled corn, sweet baklava – eat whatever you want!


«20,000 Leagues Under the Ground» (Catacombs Tour)

The most mysterious and unusual excursion. The striking world of the most intricate dungeons of the World.

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Evening sunbathing

Don’t put any lotion it’s already useless

Free time

Visiting theaters, museums is optional


Tour to Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress

Tour to Wine Culture Center “Shabo”

Children can and should be taken with you. First of all: it’s more interesting to explore the fortress with them. Secondly: during the tasting in the wine cellars you will behave more restrained!

Coming back to Odessa. Evening sunbathing

We bet you missed the sea a lot.


Seaside, sun and the sea


Excursion “Once upon a time in Odessa” (Criminal Odessa Tour)

Do not worry, our bandits from Moldovanka have an excellent sense of humor. We just want to you to feel the “truly” atmosphere of Odessa-mom …

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Free time

Swimming is highly recommended


Chillout time

Kiss the wave and the wave will kiss you back

Lunch. Check-out.

Free time. «Our Jewish Good Luck» (Odessa Jewish Heritage) is optional

Trust us Jewish Good Luck does exist.

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Odessa is not exactly a city, it is a smile of God!

The cost of the tour depends solely on your preferences in restaurants, hotels and transfer. When you consider all the details with our manager, he will immediately inform you about the final price.

Included in price:

  • nutrition (breakfast and lunch);
  • bus service according to the program, transfer: meeting at the station, transfer to the station;
  • excursions according to the program;
  • entrance tickets to museums;
  • tour guide and guide services.


  • train tickets;
  • public transport expenses (if necessary);
  • additional payment for an early meeting at the station (until 08:00 am);
  • additional payment for dinners (from 60 UAH per person);
  • insurance (optional).
  • Note: the firm reserves the right to modify the program without changing the volume of services provided. In case of late or non-attendance of tourists, the company reserves the right to change the sequence of the program without changing the volume of services provided. The duration of its individual elements may change on the eve of departure and in the course of the tour. Elements of the program that depend on the weather and climate conditions and services and organizations outside the control of the organizer (road, local administration, etc.) can be excluded from the program, based on the actual situation on the route.

The program of the tour can be adjusted in accordance with the preferences of the group.

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