The Ukrainian Odessa

(Here`s the unique history of Ukrainian colonization of Odessa`s territory)

2,5 hours


Екскурсія «Українська Одеса»The Ukrainians settled in Odessa even earlier than Odessa was created. Cossacks used to live and fight here for Khadjibey in XVIII century. As the Zaporozhian Sich had been abolished they moved here and made a huge part of Odessa`s population.

During this tour you will visit old catacomb houses where their descendants still live, take a legendary Cane Tram route through old Cossack’s cemetery. Wish to discover incredible heritage? Here you are! World famous Ukrainian writers Lesya Ukrainka and Ivan Franko, Oleksandr Dovzhenko, the director of Ukrainian film factory and many others… We are in all respects ready to tell you about everyone!

Possible languages of city tour: English, Russian

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